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Zoe Nassiara-Papadatos Home Owner


The fact that ClickMedia E-Commerce is a complete platform which allows us to transfer online our retail store’s flexible commercial policy in addition to its easy management constituted the main factors that led us to choose ClickMedia for our e-shop design and development.

After 14 months the return of investment was more than we expected while the cooperation in total enabled us to prioritise our online needs as well as to set new strategies based on technological developments.

We feel very comfortable when it comes to apply one- if not- all ClickMedia’s suggestions.

“After 14months our e-shop success was greater than expected in terms of increase of profits as well as of new customers”.

“We are very satisfied with our e-shop’s success and of course ClickMedia’s contribution to it, that we feel very comfortable when it comes to apply one if not all ClickMedia’s advices/suggestions”.

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