Fotis Pandis

We are here to help you succeed!

Yes, we love designing and developing softwares and web applications. It’s more than obvious that we are “programmed” to do so! (you may call us “nerds”, no problem!).The greater satisfaction for us though is knowing that the software or app that we create for you makes your life better and your business activity successful. We do have the experience and know- how to highlight your products and activities in the best possible way, the way that fits your corporate identity. Please, allow us to prove it!
Just as V.Hugo said “nothing can stand in the way of an idea whose time has come”!
We do have the idea…that is for sure. The only thing left now is to make one click ahead, together!

Our Story

A few years ago (for obvious reasons the exact number is confidential information), Fotis got his first computer. As history turned out, that day was fatal for all of us. From that day and on, Fotis was so much mesmerized by this new full of potentials magic word of programming to the point where programming became his main hobby. And yet…this was only the beginning! Some years later, Fotis met Christina. His endless passion for software programming and Christina’s communication skills were ideally combined and that was the starting point of a new radical idea…and BANG!!!! In 2006 Fotis and Christina established ClickMedia and promised that they will always be “one click ahead”.


And that’s about how we are all here!

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