Alea jacta est! Now, is the time where you talk and we listen. Talk to us about every need your business has and we will take care to effectively utilize all the knowledge, experience and creativity we have, so as to design and develop the site that would fit best your corporate identity and activity. Within a few steps, waiting for your site will turn into excitement and eagerness for a new site, YOUR site. Find out how below:

Kick of meeting

Kick of meeting

This is the beginning of our cooperation. We note down the needs of your business and we make our proposals regarding how your business activity should be depicted online, always based on your corporate identity and profile and most certainly by effectively utilizing all the development potentials and possibilities of the web.

Συλλογή Βασικού Περιεχομένου

Gathering the material

At this point your participation is crucial and necessary:

  • We need you to provide us with all kinds of information, material, pictures, data, so as we to effectively utilise them and to proceed to the actual designing and development of your site.
  • Our Project Manager, closely monitors the whole process while on the same time she is at your disposal for any kind of advice regarding the appropriateness and usefulness of the gathered material.

Additional Services

We have an in-house copywriting department and we are more than willing to create, edit, proofread any material you would. Furthermore, we can undertake professional translations, photo-shooting etc as we have a reliable and experienced network of external partners.

Εικαστικές Προτάσεις

Creative Proposals

The moment of your site’s creation and development has finally arrived! ClickMedia’s designers create especially for you and proudly present you the following:

  • 2 screenshots in full compliance with the requirements agreed at the kick off meeting in order for you to be able to have a visual view of your site in terms of the creative designing and functionality approach
  • Your site’s screenshots are temporarily hosted on ClickMedia’s demo server where you can login after we provide you with the relative user name and password


Before your site is finalized we discuss together every detail, potential changes, additions, everything so as we to be able to create for you the ultimate business tool, your site.

If there are any changes, this is the point where we make them, in order to decide upon your site’s final creative proposal.

Υλοποίηση και Έλεγχος

Implementation & Quality Control Test

Having decided on the creative proposal and since we have your approval:

  • our team proceeds to the development and completion of your site
  • Quality Control testing period:our team of mechanics runs a thorough quality control test so as to make sure that everything is working properly.
  • our team of mechanics runs a thorough quality control test so as to make sure that everything is working properly
Ολοκλήρωση και Εκπαίδευση

Completion & Training

While your site is hosted on our demo server, this is the time where we share some “little secrets” regarding your site’s management.

Mini training course @ClickMedia:

A mini but complete training course takes place at our offices. The purpose of this mini training course is for you to get accustomed to the management of your site in a few steps only. The duration of this course is usually 3 hours.



We have already created, designed, decided, trained. In other words we have spent a lot of valuable time together. And now is the time to let your site free.



For each an every one of us, here in ClickMedia delivering a site or an e-shop is not good enough…

Our team goes with you all the way from the beginning of the project and further on: from the time of creation, gathering of the material, your full preparation for your site management to our full support after the completion of the project..

It’s very obvious to us. It is a continuous process! Together we create, together we implement and most certainly together we develop your site…!

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