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Online reservation via internet for hotels and appartments. Keep your customers happy!


ClickMedia E-Bookings is a complete system for online reservations for hotels and appartments, which is designed and developed by ClickMedia in order to cover the specific needs of the field of tourism.


ClickMedia E-Bookings constitutes the basic platform of ClickMedia regarding the field of tourism and it’s constantly upgraded with the addition of new attributes and possibilities. ClickMedia E-Bookings is available in 2 versions: as Joomla! extension and as a standalone version which can be encorporated in any hotel’s website.

Easy to use and manage

Here at ClickMedia we have dedicated numerous hours of developing and designing in order for ClickMedia E-Booking to be extremely easy to manage from the website administrator to the website’s visitors. It is very simple regarding the system’s management and function, as well as thanks to the huge potentials the system has to offer having as a result to be comprehended in short period of time.ClickMedia E-Bookings is so easy that even a hotel manager with no specific information technology background will be able in a few minutes to understand how the system functions as well as its huge potentials, to the point that he will adore it! This means that your effort in persuading the client for the systems potentials and easy use will not be so hard.


Fully parametric, Full Coverage

ClickMedia E-Bookings is parametric as a result of design and not need. Every part of its appearance and function may be parameterized according to the specifications of a given hotel unit. In other words you can be sure that the solution you choose can be adjusted accordingly in order to cover all the direct and indirect needs of your client.

Flexible commercial policy (for the hotel)

Most of the hotels cooperate with travel agencies. In that case there is no hotel owner who would not  wish to have a system that will provide him with flexibility in its commercial policy. ClickMedia E-Bookings supports numerous pricelists and associates who can manage them in groups or seperately.


Interconnection with banks and paypal

ClickMedia E-Bookings has ready made interconnection modules with the biggest Greek banks as well as with paypal. However, in the case where the hotel cooperates with a bank that is not enlisted in the system, ClickMedia is committed to develop and realize this interconnection module free of charge (and of course with no hidden costs).

More choices for the visitor

ClickMedia E-Bookings allows the hotel manager to provide extra services to their clients, improving that way further the company’s image and eventually increase sales. The additional services may refer to the hotel services such as breakfast, A/C, spa etx as well as associates’ services such as car rentals, excursions, cruises etc. Isn’t that awesome?


Unique management of offers with combo deals

With ClickMedia E-Bookings the hotel manager on one hand direclty to the competition’s challenges and on the other hand differentiates the hotel’s services as the system has the possibility of creating complex combo package deals such as 1  extra day free of charge if the number of days booked are over a predefined number.

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