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Your company’s needs are not static. Why your e-shop needs should be?


ClickMedia E-Commerce is a contemporary e-shop platform which is based and utilizes all current techniques and technologies regarding the development of e-commerce systems.
ClickMedia E-Commerce is the right choice because it provides:



ClickMedia E-Commerce is a very solid, stable and dependable platform as that is based on a framework-tested framework-which is developed by hundrends of developers and used in dozens of thousands facilities worldwide.

Adjustability & Flexibility

ClickMedia E-Commerce is designed from scratch and developed with modular architecture in order to easily adjust to the needs of your business activity and not your company to adjust to its requirements.


Flexibility and Expansion

Companies evolve, change and along with them their needs change as well. The e-shop platform that you choose should be able to grow and evolve with you, as well as to provide you with the flexibility that every contemporary enterprise needs.

Open, modular architecture

A ClickMedia E-Commerce installation constitutes of the core, data libraries and a number of applications that cooperate with each other with defined APIs, in order to realize the required functionality to the end system.


Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) Model

Every entity of the system may have different attributes given its type.

Model-View- Controller (MVC)

The system code complies with the latest development regarding the software development and in that way it makes the process of default easier, so does for its maintenance and its expansion.


Open Ecosystem

ClickMedia E-Commerce is designed not as a closed system, but as a system within which the applications that can be developed will supplement and improve the system covering in that way all the company’s needs.

Interconnection with other systems

ClickMedia E-Commerce’s open architecture allows its easy interconnection with other, external systems (ERP, CRM etc), utilizing open models and technologies.

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