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ClickMedia –E-Excursions Online excursions’ sales system


ClickMedia has developed ClickMedia E-Excursions, a complete system specifically designed for travel agencies as it provides them with the possibility of a thorough and analytical presentation of excursions and cruises as well as with the possibility of online reservation within the given site.Please find below ClickMedia E-Excursions characteristics:


Complete description of the excursion

Every excursion is presented with comprehensive texts, photo albums, dynamic Google maps with each excursion’s routes, pricelists, itinerary, pickup points table, dynamic Google maps for transfer as well as everything else required, in order the visitor to be able to have a full perspective  of the excursion of their interest and most certainly to proceed with booking the tickets.

Multiple criteria excursion research

ClickMedia E-Excursions provide us the opportunity of multiple criteria research excursion such as departure point, destination, range of dates etc. More specifically, through the contact form the visitor can easily and quickly search for the excursion of their interest based on multiple criteria; this enhances the probability of actual purchase  and of return to the specific website in the future.


Wide range of possibilities

  • Multiple departure points per excursion
  • Multiple spots of interest (stops/destinations) per excursion
  • Description of the excursion including all departure and interests posts in a dynamic Google Map)
  • Multiple Excursion types/categories (vessel, bus, cruise ship etc)


  • Multiple transfer routes  and  correspondence with 1 or more excursions
  • Multiple transfer routes per excursion
  • Pick up points depiction in a dynamic Google Map along with pick-up time
  • Different Transfer prices per pricelist and number of participants

Associates’s and pricelists

  • Associates’s support (travel agencies, hotels, etc) with different pricelists
  • Different excursion prices per excursions, pricelist, season, type and of passengers (groups)

Offers and Suggestions

  • Excursion Combos /Packages with discount over the total price (packages available in specific seasons)
  • Up-selling-Suggestions for customers

Online Sales

  • Offline and Online payment via paypal or credit card
  • Monitoring of availability
  • Mutlitple types of passengers (infants, children, adults etc) with the choice of whether they should count on the availability of places or not.
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