ClickMedia ERP-Sync is an interconnection software with ERP systems to .NET platform without additional modules to the ERP.

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ClickMedia has developed an online interconnection system with ERP systems, that is to say ERP-Sync which is used for the online interconnection of the company’s information system (ERP) with a safe and automatic way.



For the interconnection of these two information systems (ERP & site) a no door opening in the company's firewall is required (only the door 80 which is used by http protocol for the communication of browsers with the websites) and the connections are always outbound from the ERP-Sync and never incoming. Therefore the company’s ERP-Sync is easily installed as it does not require any changes to the regulations of the local network or company’s firewall and provides ultimate safety.

Automatic Update

Updating of both systems (ERP και Site) should take place automatically, with no human intervention and with no supervision required. For the achievement of this goal ClickMedia has designed and developed ERP-Sync utilizing techniques and solutions (double services that assure that the system will function all the time and that will start automatically in the case of an error, heartbeat mechanism for monitoring the communication between the two systems etc) which make the ERP-Sync solutions “install and forget”.


Modular Architecture

ERP_sync is developed with modular architecture and adjusts to the needs of every project with the development of the appropriate module for the interconnection to the information system’s data base.

Based on .NET platform

ERP-Sync is developed on .NET platform and is installed in any contemporary computer or server that has Windows.

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