Your retail store online!

An e-shop doesn’t differ much from your actual retail store. The truth of the matter is that an e-shop is your actual retail shop on the internet and most certainly has to promote and highlight in the best possible way your products, services as well as your business strength and dynamics, so as to enjoy the estimated increase of sales.

Έχετε τον απόλυτο έλεγχο!

Complete control!

Here at ClickMedia we have developed the ClickMedia E-Commerce platform, an e-commerce platform which grows and develops along with your business activities, providing you with the flexibility a contemporary enterprise like yours needs. ClickMedia E-Commerce is designed in such a way that focuses and emphasizes on all crucial business functions that are essential in order for your store to succeed.

Το θέμα είναι να το βρουν!

Find what they are looking for!

ClickMedia E-Commerce platform enables you to create filters for simplifying the classification of your products. Actually, ClickMedia E-Commerce is a smart and effective architecture due to the minimization of your products categories, thanks to which the visitor can find the product of their interest in a quick and easy way, while the possibilities of an actual product purchase as well as visitor’s comeback to your e-shop are increased.

Κερδίστε μια επιπλέον αγορά!

Earn an extra purchase!

The control of your commercial policy is all yours! In other words, you choose, with no restrictions, the products or categories of products that you want to put on sale or offer on a special price. In that way, you facilitate the visitor not only to see the “special offer” without losing time, but also you encourage them to proceed to an additional purchase apart from the one they initially intended to make.

Φτιάξτε εσείς τη βιτρίνα σας!

Customize your window display!

Choosing ClickMedia E-Commerce as your e-commerce platform enables you to select the products you want to put on sale or on discount and put them on your homepage. Take advantage of this smart and flexible architecture and get rid of a “boring” window display. Show everybody the range of your products as well as your special prices and offers!

Μαζική εισαγωγή προϊόντων-Τόσο απλά!

Mass product input! So simple!

The first step for activating an e-shop is to register all products, which actually is a very boring and time consuming process. However, ClickMedia has developed certain tools which enable you to register all products –via Excell- without losing time into the ClickMedia E-Commerce platform.

Tέλος τα ατελείωτα κλικ από link σε link μέχρι επιτέλους να ολοκληρωθούν όλα τα βήματα αγοράς!

No more endless “clicks” from link to link until purchase is complete!

One page check out button and your client completes the purchase quickly and easily! There is no reason for your client to get tired, delayed and most probably upset by having first to register as member to your e-shop and then purchase what they want. Make your visitor’s life simpler! All they have to do is fill in his personal information, choose ways of payment & delivery, pay and that’s it!

Google Analytics - Το εργαλείο που θα σας λύσει τα χέρια!

Google Analytics! Almost magic!

Google Analytics is the ultimate measurement effectiveness tool for all those factors that can affect the effectiveness of your e-shop, while its potentials are not limited to only trace where the visitors came from. This very efficient tool traces all possible defaults such as abandonment and purchase percentage as well as many more. Allow us to evaluate these data and let us give your sales rate a boost!

Facebook EShop: Από το e-shopping στο social shopping και… Social Sharing it is!

Facebook E-Shop: From e-shopping to social shopping and…Social Sharing it is!

Our team creates for you your own e-shop on Facebook! Every time a visitor “likes” or “shares” a product on your Facebook e-shop, automatically this is posted on all of his friends wall on Facebook, who may also “like” or “share” the post  which is posted on their friends wall etc…and this will result to an ongoing sharing & liking process which will increase awareness around your business. Can you think of a better way to increase your Facebook e-shop awareness?

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