ClickMedia’s Support Centre is the spot where you can find useful information, guidelines and programs regarding site management.


Site Management

Learn or recall how you can perform the most usual actions in order to be able to manage your site. All information contained in this section are sufficient enough in order for you to utilize them to a great extend for your site.This page is available only in Greek


E-mail Set up

Thorough guidelines regarding the way you can connect the email software installed in you computer with your email account.This page is available only in Greek


Download Area

Download useful softwares, documents, guidelines and manuals. Some files may require previous connection in order to be downloaded.This page is available only in Greek


Seo Guidelines

Google has issued a very comprehensive way for site optimization for search engines. Even though this is addressed to beginners, it is not applied by everybody, since a certain level of background knowledge is required.This page is available only in Greek


Knowledge Base

Here you can find selected articles regarding internet, such as Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO).This page is available only in Greek


Interesting & Useful

All kind of news and new developments in the field of web any conscious internet user who really utilizes internet on a professional level needs to know in order to be updated.This page is available only in Greek

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